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The Value of Spiritual Self-Discovery

The Value of Spiritual Self-Discovery

We have established that to embrace our spiritual side we need to acknowledge it exists. As we embark on a journey of spiritual self-discovery, we often find aspects of our personality and our character we didn’t know about before. Most people find it awakens something inside them that they describe as “completing them” or “filling a hole” in their lives.

The Value of Spiritual Self-Discovery

Spiritual Awakening

We subconsciously or consciously make bargains with “God” when we find ourselves in a position of need. For many people, this moment maybe considered a moment of spiritual awakening. This is for most people, the time when they stop asking for proof of a higher being and start talking or acting as if there is one.

Once the situation has resolved, for many, life continues without any more thought of “God” until another crisis and then the automatic response is to turn thoughts once again to help from something or someone outside our conscious control. For others though, that moment of self-awareness and spiritual awakening, stimulates something in them and they start to question reality, as they know it. People who go through a spiritual crisis or who choose to change religions often experience this moment in a different way. They may find themselves rejecting their existing and questioning relevance. The end of such questioning for some people may lead to the choice of a completely different spiritual path.

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We need to find our place in the universe

Some people think of having faith or a spiritual awareness is like following something blindly without proof. Whilst in the early days of a spiritual awakening this may seem an uncomfortable place to be in for many people, once embarked on, most people come to accept there are many things in our lives we accept without proof. We know for example that humankind will live and die, or we will feel sleepy and need to sleep at night. Our experiences train us to believe that things happen and we anticipate them happening.

When we embrace spirituality, we are embracing something that enables us to find our place in the universe. We all ask ourselves, “why am I here’ and “where am I going.” Whatever we call our spiritual reality; these are two fundamental questions we ask ourselves. Spirituality helps us to discover the answers to those questions. Spiritual self-discovery can be a journey that embraces our true humanity. It provides us with a sense of personal “completion” and wholeness.

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